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The Library specialises in historical travel and cultural images with more than 180,000 transparencies from over 75 countries. Containing a large amount of black and white negatives, it represents the lifetimes work of 20st century photographer James Allan Cash F.R.P.S , F.I.B.P.   From the late 1930s, J Allan Cash travelled with his Leica and rolliffex cameras caputuring the native peoples, historic buildings and landscapes. He covered the length of the UK and Ireland. While at home (he lived in Eaton Terrace in Kinghtsbridge) his assignments included the wartime fashions of Harrods and how women were to smoke cigarettes correctly, something of interest at that time. He was the official photographer for several companies, including the London Brick Company and Marconi and for the British Council. J Allan Cash was also a well-known writer with many books on photography to his credit. He was one of the founders of the British Guild of Travel Writers.

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